International Law

In the field of foreign private law we focus on inheritance law and family law, contract law, business law, especially competition law (cease-and-desist warnings etc.) as well as on industrial property protection (copyright and trademark law) and banking law.

In the range of international private law (conflict of laws) we find out for our clients the respective national law applicable in the particular case and how to construct a configuration as favourable as possible, according to our clients specific needs.

Foreign and international private law includes the enforcement of claims arising from the aforementioned fields of law, thus the procedural law and the right of foreclosure. We collect your unpaid accounts, obtain default summons against domestic and foreign defaulters and enforce claims, e.g. from transnational deliveries.

Often it is difficult to assign a certain legal issue to the corresponding field of law; therefore it is our ambition to analyse every particular case as exhasutively and comprehensively as possible under all actual and legal aspects which may come into question. We are also specialized in alternative dispute resolution. Only by this means can be provided optimal legal attendance to the specific needs of every particular client.