Orientation towards South-East Asia and Latin America

Since the year 1985 our senior partner Dr. Wolfgang Bayer has been introducing the “asian line” to the firm. The latter guarantees in favour of the investors, whether from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, or from the Iberian Peninsula or Latin America, the coverage of their specific needs within the scope of legal counselling in matters relating to investments, joint ventures and financing strategies in countries such as the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, S.A.R. Hong Kong, Taiwan and Cambodia. And, of course, also in reverse direction.

By this way we open for our clients the gates to the abovementioned matters and international locations and provide an easy global coordination of their individual interests. So e.g. the client from Stuttgart or from Valencia will find a made-to-measure solution for a joint venture with a Chinese partner, arranging at the same time the appropriate financing, elaborated in cooperation with an international bank in Hong Kong, as well as for example a Mexican firm will be legally advised by lawyers of their confidence representing their interests in Barcelona.