Spanish Law

Business Law

We establish your company in Spain, especially as Sociedad Limitada – S.L. (spanish limited liabilty company) or as Sociedad Anónima – S.A. (spanish stock company), whether as an operating company or e.g. as holder of real estate property in Spain.

Spanish Real Estate Law

We advise you in particular when you are planning to purchase or sell real estate in Spain. Support service for real estate in Spain: e.g. obtaining information in the Land Registry Office for reliable investigation of ownership and mortgages, design of lease contracts, ownership of residential apartments/condominium etc.

When you want to acquire or sell real property in Spain, or to transfer ownership of your spanish real property to your descendants during your lifetime, we handle for you all the formalities and paperwork required on-site in Spain as well as in Germany.

Spanish Inheritance Law

You should consult us when planning succession of property, especially when you dispose of assets or reside in Spain, or when you reside as Spanish citizen in Germany. Also relevant to German citizens, who are married to Spanish citizens.
We advise you on drawing up your last will and testament.

Family Law

In case of mixed national marriages we are pleased to advise you comprehensively in all questions related, such as about the possibilities of the application of Spanish or German law, matrimonial property scheme, marriage settlement, divorce, alimony, parental custody.

Debt Collection

We collect your unpaid accounts, obtain default summons against domestic and foreign defaulters and enforce claims, e.g. from transnational deliveries, in Spain as well as in Germany.

It is understood, that we give the same professional advice for Spanish and English speaking clients in German law and jurisdiction.